• dill 6-8 Dill flowers
  • garlic 1 head of garlic, pressed
  • jalapenos 3 jalapenos
  • salt 3 Tbsp Salt
  • tomatoes 3 lbs (about 15) medium tomatoes
  • water ½ gallon (2 qts) water
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How to make it

  1. Dissolve 3 Tbsp salt in ½ gallon of water.Peel and press 1 whole head of garlic. Next ,seed and mince  3 jalapeños. Use a food processor for speediness. 
  2. Combine garlic and jalapeños in a small bowl.Slice your tomatoes about ¾ of the way through so your cut is parallel to the base and the stem. Don't cut them all the way through. You want both halves to be attached.Stuff each tomato with about ½ tsp of the jalapeño/garlic mixture.Layer stuffed tomatoes with dill flowers and parsley stems in a jar.
  3. Place the tomatoes upright.
  4. Pour the salted water over the tomatoes, cover with lid and let stand at room temp for 2 days for smaller tomatoes (3 days for larger tomatoes), then refrigerate or leave in a cold garage up to 2 weeks. My mom kept them at room temp for 2 weeks and they were still great. I prefer a cold tomato.