About us


this question is given every day by the millions of people all over the world

There are many cookbooks and applications that we can use to make recipes, but the problem with this is that we might not necessarily have all of the ingredients to make those recipes or we might have some allergies or nutritional contraindications to certain ingredients of dishes.

On the other hand, often we under or over-estimate the portions of ingredients necessary for cooking, which firstly makes the cooking problems more difficult and secondly leads to the waste of huge amount of food.

The main goal of CookMenu is to provide “all-in-one” solution to these problems.

What is CookMenu?

Web and mobile application, which allows finding recipes by your individual preferences, such as the content of the fridge or pocket, available cooking time, nationality, nutritional preferences or contraindications.

CookMenu is a startup created by BRetooz team, starting from February 2018.