Parmesan Crusted Pesto Tilapia With Roasted Tomatoes

Serving 4 people

15 min


  • basil pesto 1/4 cup basil pesto
  • parmigiano reggiano 1/2 cup parmigiano-reggiano (parmesan), grated
  • salt and pepper salt and pepper to taste
  • tilapia fillets 4 (6 ounce) tilapia fillets
  • vine ripened tomatoes 4 cups cherry tomatoes or small tomatoes on the vine
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How to make it

  1. Season the fillets with salt and pepper, sprinkle on the parmesan and broil along with the cherry tomatoes until the parmesan is golden brown and the fish is no longer translucent, about 10-12 minutes. (Tip: Broil the tomatoes on aluminum foil to catch all of the juices.)
  2. Serve the fish topped with pesto and roasted tomatoes.